Cheryl enjoys dabbling in a little bit of everything whether it is  painting on slate roof tiles from  an old Virginia house, etching on glass found in estate sales, or sculpting out of concrete, she is always finding something new and different to challenge her artistic talents. You can purchase her artwork at a variety of craft fairs around Central Virginia, or directly from her. Check out her Facebook page to see where she will be popping up next, what items she is currently posting for sale, or email her with ideas and see if she has time to put her talents to work and make it happen.

Here is just a small sampling of some of the past artwork Cheryl has done. The emu eggs were sourced locally and were just being thrown out, so Cheryl made sure to obtain as many of them as possible and see what she could do with them. Once they are gone, she will most likely not do any more unless she can find a humane source for eggs. They are naturally that blue-green color and are fragile just like ceramic, but make beautiful decorations and ornaments! Many of the items on this page are sold, but if anything interests you, please email Cheryl and she is happy to discuss what you are looking for and if she can make your wishes come true. Remember a portion of all proceeds go to help homeless animals, so not only are you making yourself or any gift recipient happy, you are also helping make animals happy while they look for their forever homes.